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Diagnostic Imaging



Our on-site, state-of- the-art digital radiology equipment provides high quality x- rays to help our professional-staff evaluate cardiovascular, muscular-skeletal, pulmonary, gastrointestinal, reproductive, and urinary systems.

A radiograph, also known as an “x-ray”, is a black and white two-dimensional image of the interior of the body.  An image is produced by passing radiation through a particular area of the body and the image is then captured and saved, digitally.

Radiography is the most common and readily available imaging test in veterinary medicine. It is used to evaluate the size and shape of organs, as well as to demonstrate any fractures or broken bones, any foreign objects your pet may have ingested, masses, fluid accumulation and many more abnormalities that may assist us in diagnosis.

Digital radiography also allows us immediate consultation with board-certified radiologists to quickly evaluate your pets digital diagnostic imaging so that we may provide rapid treatment.

Veterinary Ultrasound - Diagnostic Imaging - Animal Medical Hospital - Veterinarian serving the Rockville Centre, Lynbrook, Garden City, Baldwin areas on Long Island, NY


We are also proud to offer in-hospital ultrasound imaging. Our veterinarians and many of our licensed veterinary technicians are highly-trained to perform ultrasonography.

Sonography is painless and is commonly used to evaluate the internal structure of organs, search for fluid accumulations, evaluate blood flow, detect masses or tumors, and help determine the extent of trauma. We commonly use our equipment to perform abdominal sonography as well as echocardiography, a specialized examination of the heart that allows us to visualize the hearts structure, blood vessels and valves.

Our equipment allows for full-telemedicine capabilities and immediate consultation with board-certified specialists for the best health of your pet.