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Free Vaccines For Life

What is it?

Free Vaccines for Life (FVFL) is an amazing program offered by Animal Medical Hospital and Whitestone Veterinary Care. After enrolling in this program, your pet will receive core vaccines yearly or whenever necessary for FREE! The program will last as long as you have your pet and as long as your pet comes in for at least one Wellness Exam yearly.


Vaccines and annual wellness examinations are the backbone of any wellness strategy for your pet. Our trained veterinarians believe so strongly in this critical step that we are willing to give your furry family members core vaccines for  free for the rest of his or her life. A one-time enrollment fee will cover that pet's life long core vaccination costs.

How much will this program really save me?

The one time enrollment fee per DOGS is ONLY $209
The one time enrollment fee per CATS is ONLY $149

This ONE-time enrollment fee covers:

  • Rabies, Distemper Complex and Parvovirus (DA2PP), Bordetella and Leptospirosis for Life! (Dogs)
  • Rabies, Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus and Panleukopenia (FVRCP) for Life! (Cats)

A Yearly Savings of up to $115!

This program usually pays for itself within 2 visits!

Now down to the details...

  • A Wellness exam must be performed at the time of enrollment in order to activate membership. This ensures us that your pet is healthy enough to receive vaccinations.
  • Your pet MUST return for a Wellness exam each 12-month period (with a generous 30-day grace period following the due date). You will be responsible for the cost of the Wellness Exam.
  • Your pet will receive core vaccines free of charge on or before their due date. If your pet does not have the necessary exam prior to this deadline, the program will be considered voided.
  • Not all pets are due for every vaccine, every year. The veterinarian or licensed veterinary technician will determine which vaccines your pet needs. We will evaluate your pets vaccine needs on a case-by-case basis. Our philosophy is to only give vaccines that your pet's lifestyle warrants.
  • Only healthy animals examined by our veterinarians are vaccinated as per vaccine manufacturer recommendations. If your pet is due for their rabies vaccination on a date different from their annual Wellness exam, you will be responsible for an additional exam fee on that date. Pets must be examined and deemed healthy before receiving this mandatory vaccination.
  • One pet per enrollment fee. The program is non-transferable to any other client or pet and is valid only at the Animal Medical Hospital and Animal Medical Hospital.

The Bottom Line

  • You will NEVER have to pay for core vaccines again during the lifetime of your enrolled pet.
  • Only the highest quality vaccines that are maintained at the manufacturers' specifications will be given to your pet. Their efficacy and dating have been established and they remain refrigerated at the correct temperature at our facility. They are not carted back and forth from pet store to pet store as they are at many vaccination clinics.
  • Your pets' vaccination requirements will be determined by NY STATE Licensed Veterinarians and Veterinary Technicians, not by an untrained and unlicensed lay person at a pet store.
  • A complete and documented medical record is maintained in accordance with standards established by the NY State Board for Veterinary Medicine, and proper documentation and certificates will be given to you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I transfer my program to my other pet?

A: No, however you can enroll as many of your pets as you'd like! Just like the individuals they are, each of your four-legged family members must be enrolled separately. Due to the fact that the program offers such a deep discount, no other special offers apply to the one-time enrollment free or the annual Wellness examination.


Q: Can you vaccinate my pet at any time during the year?

A: No your pet must be due for his/her vaccines and deemed healthy at a Wellness visit to receive vaccinations. If your pet is ill and comes in for a visit, this is not considered a Wellness visit. We feel very strongly about concentrating on any problems at illness visits and devoting our time to any preventative care for your pet during the Wellness exam.


Q: If I lose my pet for any reason (death, runaway, etc), may I get a refund? 

A: The FVFL program is non-refundable.


Q: Are there any other fees for your younger pets?

A: For puppies and kittens receiving their first series of vaccinations, a follow-up exam is required at least once a month (while receiving boosters every 2-4 weeks) until the pet is about 16 weeks/4months of age.


Q: Should my pet only see the vet once a year?

A: Although a once a year Wellness examination is required to remain enrolled in this program, we do recommend that your pet visits us AT LEAST twice a year for a Wellness exam. Our veterinarians can make further recommendations once they get to knw your pet.


Q: What happens if my pet doesn't visit the vet yearly?

A: Pets are required to return for a Wellness exam each 12-month period (plus a generous 30-day grace period following the due date). If your pet does not come in for their annual Wellness exam prior to this deadline, your membership will be considered voided.


Q: What if my pet is late for his or her annual vaccine or needs to receive a booster after a particular vaccine and I forget to come in?

A: Unfortunately, if you fail to come in for a necessary vaccine or a necessary booster, you will be charged appropriately for the required booster vaccine. Out staff does a great job at giving reminders, so we hope this is never an issue.

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